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Quick Start

Please Follow the below steps with this video tutorial carefully to getting start with the plugin:-

i) Install redq-reuse-form helper addons/plugins from the helper folder of the plugin (check the above video for direction).

NB: please ignore the version number and theme as all the version of our plugin installation procedure are same and our plugin is theme independent that means it can work with any theme

ii) Install and Activate Reactive Pro plugin follow the below video url for video guide. You can also take a look at our installation article below the getting start article.

Additional: For showing any kinds of map , you need to install our another free addons/plugins named google map and it's recommended, you can find it from the helper plugin folder that we showed in installation video.

iii) Now Please go to your wordpress admin dashboard and Go to Reactive Builder from your wordpress menu.

iv) Create a Reactive Builder shortcode by selecting your post type (required), taxonomy and meta (required if you want to search based on your taxonomy and meta) check the below video for

Video Guide for Reactive Shortcode

(NB: as the video tutorials are form a older version it may or may not fully match with your settings panel but don't worry just select the field we have shown in the video it will work)

v) copy the shortcode like in the above video.

vi) Now, from dashboard create a page and Paste the shortcode in that P page or using the add shortcode of visual composer .

vii) Publish your page and you will have a page like below.viii) Now click on the Add Block and select grid then click save button. check the below video for more information.

Work With the Search Page Builder

(NB: if you are annoyed by the slow performance in the video or the loading bar don't worry we have already solved in the version that you are using and this video tutorials are from a older version just help you get started we will create new ones soon)

ix) if you have followed the above steps correctly you will have grid below the Add Block - Global settings button like in the video.

if you check the video properly you will see that you have showed information from where you can change the given layouts, grid columns, number of posts etc in the settings panel

x) Now you can check our builder faicilty like how to resize the column or take some search component to search the grid.

check the below video for visual informaiton

How To Add Search component to search the grid

(NB: In this video in the Data tab where we are showing how to choose taxonomy it will be probably different from you but don't worry it will work just fine, we have also shown in this video how to change title, subtitle, checkbox column etc)

xi) For the search component and search block customization check the Search Section

xii) For Grid customization check the Grid Section

xiii) For Map section check the Map Video, Geobox Guide, Map Guide, Map Autocomplete Search

(NB: For map you need use our another free addons/plugins google map and it's recommended, you can find it from the helper plugin folder that we showed in installation video.)

xiv) For all the video guide check the Video Tutorial

xv) Check the Faq Section To know about common issues and their solution.

NB: you can check the videos and documentation section for Sorting, pagination, Load more, Infinity loading, Widget, Grid customization using Grid template builder, WPML compatibility, Dynamic search, Combobox for parent child search etc